Republicans announce the Mueller report doesn't say what it says
House minority leader Kevin McCarthy (Screen cap).

Republican leaders are burying their heads in the sand when it comes to special counsel Robert Mueller's full report on President Donald Trump and the Russia investigation.

According to Huffington Post reporter Jen Bendry, Republicans seem to be repeating "LA LA LA LA LA THIS IS FINE LA LA LA."

Multiple times in the report, Mueller explains that he found evidence of obstruction of justice. He further said that had there been an FBI investigation into Trump and his campaign, other crimes would likely have been found.

Republicans leaders responded to the report by urging Americans not to believe their lying eyes.

“Today’s release of the Special Counsel’s report confirms what the President and I have said since day one: there was no collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia and there was no obstruction of justice,” Vice President Mike Pence said in a false statement. “After two years of investigation, conducted with the full cooperation of this Administration, that involved hundreds of witness interviews and millions of pages of documents, the American people can see for themselves: no collusion, no obstruction.”

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) claimed that there was "no collusion," which ignored the multiple cases of conspiracy cited in the Mueller report. The reason Mueller decided not to prosecute for conspiracy with Russia is that he believed those in the Trump campaign were too clueless to know not to do it.

House Minority Whip Steve Scalise (R-LA) demanded Democrats apologize to Americans "for misleading them" when it came to the Mueller investigation.

“Now that the Mueller Report has formally been released, two things are abundantly clear: There was no collusion with Russia, and there was no obstruction of justice,” Scalise said, apparently neglecting to read the full Mueller report.

Trump continues to proclaim he's been vindicated on "collusion" and obstruction of justice. A former top aide to President Barack Obama, Jennifer Palmieri, noted she can't see how Democrats can escape impeachment after the report.

"It would be a grave mistake for the country if Democrats in House allowed short-term political concerns to get in way of conducting their constitutional responsibility to hold President accountable," she tweeted Thursday. Abdication of such responsibilities is how democracies die. "

Read Bendry's full report at the Huffington Post.