Republicans increasingly 'anxious' about 2020 as release of the Mueller report looms: Politico
Sen. Mitch McConnell (R-KY). (AFP)

Republican leaders have a growing sense of "anxiety" as the headlines trumpeting attorney general William Barr's claim that the Mueller report cleared President Donald Trump shift to the release of the report itself, Politico's Anna Palmer told MSNBC Tuesday, adding that the Party is worried the 2020 election will focus on those disclosures.

"In all likelihood, it's going to be bad," said Palmer's colleague Jake Sherman of the pending report, kicking off the discussion and prompting host Hallie Jackson to ask if the worry at the White House was also growing on Capitol Hill.

"I think what you have is anxiety among Republicans, too, because they had a pretty good headline coming out of the Barr analysis," Palmer said. "'No collusion' went out across the country, and now they're going to have to fight."

"On Capitol Hill, they really want to move on," Palmer continued. "Republicans want to not have this next election just be about the Mueller investigation."

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