Justice Department seeking to keep Roger Stone’s warrants under wraps to protect ongoing investigations: report
Roger Stone is due to appear in court in Florida on Friday. (AFP/File / SAUL LOEB)

On Friday, The Justice Department confirmed that President Donald Trump confidant Roger Stone is connected to ongoing investigations as a result of special counsel Robert Mueller's investigation, according to CNN.

Stone is connected to investigations that Mueller passed on to other prosecutors. As a result, the Justice Department asked a federal court in Washington, DC, not to make Stones search warrants public because the warrants "concern investigations that remain ongoing,"

"Because of the interconnected nature of the Special Counsel's investigations, the category of materials here sweeps more broadly than Stone and the specific crimes with which he has been charged," the prosecutors wrote.

"Although the Special Counsel has concluded his investigation, the requested materials concern investigations that remain ongoing, a trial in (Stone's case) that is scheduled for later this year, and the privacy interests of uncharged third parties. No right of public access applies to such materials," the prosecutors said.

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