On Sunday, President Donald Trump's attorney Rudy Giuliani went on Fox News with conservative commentator Howard Kurtz to discuss how the president has been completely cleared of collusion with Russia by special counsel Robert Mueller's probe (he hasn't been.)

Even Kurtz, however, pushed back on Giuliani's notion that the media should apologize for how they handled the story.

"You were on with Chris Cuomo, you said he should apologize and CNN should apologize for their coverage of the Mueller investigation," said Kurtz. "Why?"

"Collusion, collusion, collusion, collusion, collusion, blockbuster," said Giuliani. "Papadopoulos, blockbuster, it's going to show collusion. Manafort, blockbuster, going to show collusion. Blockbuster, eight times, nine times, totally biased, prejudiced reporting creating a hysteria over what turns out to be something that is not true."

"Well, I've been critical of the coverage that at times, saying that at times it was overwrought and overhyped, I'm talking about all media coverage here," said Kurtz, "But on the other hand, this was an investigation authorized by the president's own deputy attorney general, 37 indictments, I've covered investigations where no one ended up getting charged. It doesn't mean the stories were illegitimate. And yet you say the networks should apologize?"

"They should apologize for overhyping the case," insisted Giuliani. "For not giving balanced coverage."

Watch below: