Sarah Sanders gets shredded by CNN panel for ‘propaganda’ assault on Jim Acosta: ‘Her credibility is shot’
Sarah Huckabee Sanders -- screenshot

A Reliable Sources panel on CNN kept up the drumbeat of criticism of White House spokesperson Sarah Sanders on Sunday, asking why she hasn't been fired since she was exposed in special counsel Robert Mueller's report as an admitted liar.

With host Brian Stetler bluntly stating, "Sarah Sanders is a press secretary with zero credibility. Why does she still have a job?” panelists wondered how long President Donald Trump's spokesperson could hang on.

While one guest pointed out that Sanders is reportedly popular in the White House, CNN contributor April Ryan said that didn't matter with an impassioned summary of Trumps press secretary's history of smears and lies.

"Here is the issue. Under oath, she acknowledged she lied -- under oath," Ryan repeated for emphasis. "That's not the only lie that has been told from that sacred room to the American public and the world."

"The reason why this is so important is because everything is in the balance at the White House, we are all touched by what happens and said from the White House: war and peace, life and death are written and spoken from that podium or from the oval office," she added.

"She's the president's mouthpiece, her credibility is shot," Ryan continued. "There's a list of things and more. I'll detail another one about the payment to Stormy Daniels - that was a lie. Also against our colleague Jim Acosta, a propaganda video against Jim Acosta."

"This is the United States, not Russia or China. Credibility is a huge piece of the puzzle and her credibility is shot," she concluded.

Watch the video below: