‘Shameful’: Dem senator rips Bill Barr for ‘doing the political bidding of the president’
William Barr at his Senate confirmation hearing. (Screenshot/YouTube)

On Wednesday, Senator Chris Van Hollen (D-MD) said that Attorney General Bill Barr's statements about spying where "shameful."

During a hearing, Barr said that he thought Trump's campaign was spied on.

"Do you think he ever landed on a clear explanation of what he was exactly saying?" CNN Jake Tapper asked Hollen.

"No, he did not, Jake. This was really a shameful moment for the attorney general, who was up before the committee and really not answering questions about why he was taking so long to provide the public with a report," he said.

"Really wouldn't talk about why he exonerated the president on the obstruction of justice charges, even when Mueller did not exonerate the president. And while he wasn't answering those questions, he floated this whole thing, this surprising statement, about spying, but then quickly said he didn't have any evidence that he would provide to the committee," he said.

Hollen added, "So it looks like he's doing the political bidding of the president. This has been something the president has wanted for a long time, but the job of the attorney general is not to do the bidding of the president. The job of the attorney general is to pursue justice."

Watch below via CNN: