Stephen Moore didn't pay his child support until four police, two realtors, and a locksmith raided his home: report
Conservative economist Stephen Moore. (Screenshot)

Stephen Moore, the conservative think tank official and supply-side economist President Donald Trump nominated to the Federal Reserve, has come under scrutiny for his history of delinquency on alimony and child support payments, at one point totaling tens of thousands of dollars.

According to a new CNBC report, this whole situation did not end until a contempt ruling against Moore led to a court moving to sell his Virginia house and a team of people showed up at his house to enforce it:

Divorce documents from the time reveal that Moore "was visited by four police officers, two realtors and a locksmith" as part of the court order. After they showed up, Moore reportedly became "argumentative" and denied that the group was even at his house when a phone call informed him of their arrival. After the locksmith picked the lock and the group gained entry, Moore reportedly insisted to one of the court-appointed real estate agents that he had "paid off his wife."

Moore is an extremely controversial candidate for the Fed, as is Trump's other recent pick of former pizza executive and Tea Party presidential candidate Herman Cain. The Fed has traditionally been a nonpartisan and independent agency, and any attempt to put Trump's partisan loyalists on the board could threaten global confidence in the dollar.