'This is why Trump is compared to Hitler': Watch Angela Rye slam Trump-lover Steve Cortes over 'white nationalism'
Angela Rye (Photo: Screen capture)

On Tuesday, CNN commentator Angela Rye slammed President Donald Trump's former aide Steve Cortes. During the "Great Debate" segment on CNN's Chris Cuomo's show, Rye explained why people compare President Donald Trump to Hitler.

Rye called out Stephen Miller as a white nationalist in repose to his attacks on Rep.Ilhan Omar (D-MN.)

"Stephen Miller has been a white nationalist and he's been one since before high school when he told a childhood friend that they could no longer be friends because of his Latino heritage," she said.

"Why does he espouse principles found in the mouths of people that believe ugly things about diversity?" Cuomo asked.

Cortes struggled to answer the question and to defend Miller.

"It's very important to define here that defending America's borders is never about race. America is not a white country. We're an incredibly diverse country and country that loves immigrants," Cortes said.

Rye explained to him what white nationalism really means.

"Among the many [definitions ] that you offered was an idea of superiority and I think that's exactly the problem. That's exactly why Donald Trump is compared to Hitler. It's exactly why Stephen Miller has been called a white supremacist and a racist. Someone that is xenophobic. Someone that's hateful about Muslims," she said.

Adding, "Someone that is a very hateful individual and that is rooted in his policy positions and debate in hate and fear mongering because people are worried about losing their position in the world. That is why to 'Make America Great Again' is so frustrating to so many of us. That's why white nationalism and white supremacy were problematic when Donald Trump said there were good people on both sides in Charlottesville."

Watch below via CNN: