Trump drowned in mockery after calling himself 'Cheif Hostage Negotiator USA' in misspelled tweet
Donald Trump (Photo: Screen capture)

President Donald Trump on Friday drew widespread ridicule for a misspelled tweet in which he labeled himself America's "Cheif (sic) Hostage Negotiator."

The president began his tweet by quoting an unnamed conservative pundit who was apparently defending the president's decision to tell North Korea that he would pay them $2 million in exchange for their medical "treatment" of the late Otto Warmbier, who was returned from North Korea in a grave state and who died just days after being sent back to the United States.

Even though Trump agreed to pay North Korea, various news reports have claimed that the bill for Warmbier's "care" is still unpaid.

"'President Donald J. Trump is the greatest hostage negotiator that I know of in the history of the United States,'" Trump wrote, quoting the unidentified source. "'20 hostages, many in impossible circumstances, have been released in last two years. No money was paid.' Cheif Hostage Negotiator, USA!"

Trump's misspelled tweet, along with his insistence that agreeing to pay $2 million in exchange for Warmbier's return was a brilliant negotiating ploy, spawned instant ridicule on Twitter.

Check out some of the reactions below.