Trump lawyer Rudy Giuliani tells Robert Mueller to quit 'whining'
Rudy Giuliani appears on NBC's "Meet the Press" (screen grab)

President Donald Trump's lawyer Rudy Giuliani spoke to CNN Tuesday in wake of the news that special counsel Robert Mueller was angry about Attorney General Bill Barr's misleading summary.

According to Giuliani, Mueller had the chance to prosecute Trump and clearly decided not to. As a result, he should stop complaining.

"Mueller should have made a decision," Giuliani told CNN's Pamela Brown via phone. "And shouldn't be complaining or whining now that he didn't get described correctly."

Giuliani thinks Mueller shouldn't have written the public letter to the attorney general expressing his displeasure.

The same sentiment was echoed by Trump attorney John Dowd, who called Mueller and his team "a bunch of babies."

Mueller, who has spent decades working for the Department of Justice and FBI, said in his 400-page report that he did not make a decision on Trump's obstruction of justice because of the Office of Legal Counsel's 1973 memo saying it is not under his purview to do so. Mueller believed due to that rule, making a decision on obstruction was the role of the attorney general. Since the attorney general has already made a public declaration that a president can't be indicted, Mueller laid out the case for Congress to impeach Trump for obstructing justice.

If the Trump administration and the attorney general believes that Mueller should have made a decision, it's unclear if he still could come back and do exactly that.