Trump has 'no soul': Michael Cohen describes his relationship with 'worst human being' in new interview
Donald Trump's longtime personal attorney Michael Cohen. (Image via Bryan R. Smith/AFP.)

Michael Cohen reflected on his relationship with President Donald Trump before he begins serving a prison sentence in connection with their work together.

The former Trump Organization lawyer will report to prison May 6 to begin a three-year term at Otisville, after pleading guilty to violating campaign finance law by paying $130,000 to porn actress Stormy Daniels at Trump's direction, reported The New Yorker.

He admitted to violating banking laws to get money for the Daniels payoff, and he also pleaded guilty to charges related to a similar payment to Playboy model Karen McDougal before the 2016 election -- and Cohen admits he feels bitter toward the president.

“You are going to find me guilty of campaign finance, with McDougal or Stormy, and give me three years — really?” Cohen told the magazine. “And how come I’m the only one? I didn’t work for the campaign, I worked for him, and how come I’m the one that’s going to prison? I’m not the one that slept with the porn star.”

Cohen stuck with Trump throughout a tumultuous working relationship before finally turning on his longtime boss, and agreeing to cooperate with various investigations into the president's campaign and business dealings.

“I actually enjoyed him, interestingly enough," Cohen said. "When he’s good, he’s great. When he’s horrible, he’s the worst human being on the planet. I mean it. He has no heart and no soul when he’s mean.”