Trump won't defend America because it is 'politically inconvenient': columnist
President Donald Trump has slammed opposition Democrats for launching a sprawling new investigation into alleged obstruction of justice and abuse of office. (AFP / MANDEL NGAN)

On Wednesday, David Graham, a writer for The Atlantic warned that President Donald Trump would not defend America because he believes it is "politically inconvenient."

"At times, the results are merely ridiculous. At others, they are actively dangerous. At the moment, Trump is declining to protect the United States from foreign interference in its elections, because it’s politically inconvenient and personally irritating to him," he wrote.

He explained that Trump wants to push the issue of Russia interference aside as 2020 looms.

Graham wrote, "Trump isn’t necessarily wrong to believe that talk of Russian interference delegitimizes his win. Extensive documentary evidence shows that the Russian government hoped for a Trump win and took action to effect it."

Adding, "Determining whether those actions actually changed the outcome is probably impossible. As Trump has noted, there’s no evidence that vote tallies themselves were changed. But as Trump also likes to boast, the election is over. These questions may be politically and personally hurtful to the president, but they’re history, and the 2020 election looms—with the U.S. apparently little better prepared than it was in 2016."

Trump continues to push for his border wall, which is a policy that his base can get behind.

"But Trump sees tough border policy as a political winner. He sees Russian interference, meanwhile, as a political loser—and challenging it as a personal affront. Suddenly, he’s not so interested in his “sacred duty” to protect the country," he explained.

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