Trump’s actions have White House officials 'worried’ they're 'wide open' to obstruction charges in the Mueller report
Special counsel Robert Mueller (left, via screengrab) and AG Bill Barr (right, via AFP/Nicholas Kamm).

MSNBC national political reporter Carol Lee said on Tuesday that White House officials were concerned overall about the release of the Mueller report, but were "most worried" about whether it would demonstrate President Donald Trump had obstructed justice.

"That's the piece they're most worried about," Lee said. "That's the space of the investigation in which the president's actions and things he said, things he did, things he directed aides to do, really leaves a wide open space for a number of different potential things to come out."

"To the extent we see this White House pushing back, and that all depends how the report is written and how much of that is damaging to the president, they're going to be focused on that," Lee added. "They're really going to aggressively go after anything that threatens him in terms of saying that he had tried to obstruct justice or took actions that may have not been, you know, on the up and up, basically."

Watch the video below.