Trump's latest victim -- Major League Baseball
White House photo of President Donald J. Trump being presented a a Houston Astros baseball jersey.

President Donald Trump is now attacking Major League Baseball in an effort to appeal to the Cuba hardliners in Florida.

"President Donald Trump is a golf guy, not a baseball guy. He’s never tried to own a team (as far as we know), has yet to throw out the first pitch at a baseball game, and on Monday, he rescinded an agreement between the U.S. and Cuba that allowed Cuban ball players (sic) to join the MLB without having to undergo the dangerous process of defecting from their home country," Splinter News reports.

The move means danger for Cuban baseball players hoping to make it to the big leagues.

"By rescinding the agreement, which is similar to ones America enjoys with the Japanese, Chinese, and Korean baseball leagues, Cuban players who wish to join an American team from here on out must now actively defect—a dangerous process in which people must essentially abandon their lives and family in order to come to the U.S.—as was the case of the Cincinnati Reds’ Yasiel Puig," Splinter News explained.

The inspiration for the move likely came from Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL).

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