TV talk show goes off the rails when white panel tells black model her skin color doesn't impact career
Eunice Olumide appears on "Jeremy Vine on 5" (screen grab)

A panel of white television presenters on Tuesday lectured black model Eunice Olumide after she explained that her skin color impacted her job opportunities.

During the British television program Jeremy Vine on 5, Olumide said that she had considered being a television presenter early in her career but it was difficult because she is a black woman.

"That was not possible," she said. "I would not have been given the opportunity because [media] was very white and people would say that I was not allowed to do that job."

But the three white panelists on the show seemed to doubt Olumide's claim.

"There were lots of prominent black television presenters," one of the white guests insisted.

"Okay, name the black female presenters -- lots of them -- that you are talking about," Olumide challenged.

"I remember when I was a kid, there was the lady that presented -- I can't remember her name -- but she presented the children's television program," the white women said. "Black female presenters, there's lots of them."

"Name 10 women who are household names who look like me from the United Kingdom," Olumide remarked. "People find to very, very difficult."

The debate heated up after another white panelist accused Olumide of preferring black women presenters.

"That's not what I said at all," Olumide insisted. "Jeremy asked me a very direct question and then you lovely women have taken it in a completely different direction."

Watch the entire segment below.