'Utter and complete moral nihilism': Columnist rips the GOP for accepting Trump's 'loathsome' behavior
US President Donald Trump has a uniquely combative relationship with the media, which he denounces as "fake news," except in a handful of cases, including his favored Fox News network (AFP Photo/NICHOLAS KAMM)

On Monday, Washington Post political columnist Paul Waldman slammed the GOP for repeatedly accepting President Donald Trump's "loathsome" behavior.

Waldman explained that Trump has displayed a consistent pattern of lying. According to fact-checkers at The Post, "the president averaged nearly 5.9 false or misleading claims a day in his first year in office."

"There’s a pattern that President Trump has followed many times when accused of wrongdoing. First, deny it. Then, when irrefutable proof emerges that you did it and your denials were lies, insist that there was nothing wrong with it in the first place," Waldman wrote.

Waldman explained that Trump's legal advisor Rudy Giuliani has made an unprecedented amount  of claims about the president's conduct.

“There’s nothing wrong with taking information from Russians," Giuliani said on Sunday.

"That’s right: The president’s lawyer just issued an invitation to any foreign adversary — Russia, China, Iran, North Korea, the Islamic State," Waldman said.

Adding, "That alone is shocking and despicable. But it’s just one part of a larger Republican argument, one that says not that Trump did some unfortunate things but nothing that would justify prosecution or impeachment, but instead that he is completely blameless because there is no such thing as unethical conduct if committed by Trump."

He called out the GOP for their overall reaction to special counsel Robert Mueller's report. "The GOP has embraced utter and complete moral nihilism," he said.

"Republicans chose as their leader the single most loathsome figure in American public life, a man possessed of not a single human virtue. He would inevitably call them to descend to the moral void where he resides. And when they did — enthusiastically — they showed us not just who he is, but who they are as well," he said.

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