A GOP lawmaker accidentally handed the Dems a roadmap to getting Trump's taxes -- and it could lead to impeachment
President Donald Trump faces a barrage of new investigations from the Democrat-led House of Representatives. (AFP / Brendan Smialowski)

In a deep look into the battle within the Democratic Party to come to a consensus about filing articles of impeachment against Donald Trump, Politico notes that one of the president's most rabid defenders may have accidentally handed the Democrats all the reason they need to proceed.

According to the report, judges have historically favored Congressional investigators involved in an impeachment -- allowing them access to virtually any documents they want while giving them great leeway to subpoena witnesses.

As Politico writes, "Judges have repeatedly ruled that Congress has a greater claim to sensitive government documents and personal information when it can point to an ongoing legal matter, instead of just a congressional investigation or legislative debate. And impeachment would give lawmakers that legal matter — the process is essentially a court procedure run by Congress where the House brings charges and the Senate holds the trial."

For Democrats that would be just what they need to get Trump's taxes and any other documents they want to review.

However, it was a Republican, Rep. Doug Collins (R-GA) that put that seed of an idea in the minds of Democrats in a recent hearing.

"When House Judiciary Chairman Jerry Nadler, who is leading the Democrats’ fight for Trump-related information, mentioned in a recent hearing that his committee was able to get access to sensitive investigative materials during the Nixon and Clinton administrations, Republican Rep. Doug Collins quickly reminded him that the past access was impeachment-aided," the report states.

“If the chairman truly wanted to get at this information, then he can go to what I believe many in their heart desire is, is open the impeachment inquiry,” replied Collins, who is the senior Republican on the committee.

According to the report, several Republicans also weighed in with Ohio Rep. Steve Chabot adding, “I think if you actually get into impeachment, it does open up access to more things."

Rep. David Cicilline (D-RI) claimed that just might be the remedy that Democrats need to provide oversight.

“One could imagine that if this stonewalling of the American people continues, that that may be something the committee would have to consider,” he stated, leaving the door open that Democrats may be forced to make the move toward impeachment, if for no other reason than to force the White House to comply with demands and subpoenas.

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