Anderson Cooper levels Trump’s fixation on Biden: ‘He should take his fingers off the Twitter machine’
Anderson Cooper [Photo: Screengrab from video]

On Monday, CNN's Anderson Cooper ripped President Donald Trump after he spent the memorial weekend attacking 2020 presidential candidate Joe Biden.

Trump sided with North Korean Leader Kim Jong Un after he said that Biden had a low IQ. He continued to rant about Biden on Twitter and argued that he was more deserving of the African American vote. When asked about why he sided with Jong Un's remarks on Biden, Turmp responded by saying that it does not matter.

Cooper said that Trump continues to treat the office of the presidency as if he is still working in real estate.

"It doesn't matter. You know what? The president of the United States should know, and that does matter. And if the president doesn't know, he should take his fingers off the Twitter machine and maybe pick up a briefing book and do something that we all know he rarely does, which is read," Cooper said.

"The president still acts like he's a perilous real estate developer in New York lying about building height and who he's dating and calling up gossip columnists using pretend names. The president is acting like a bystander when everything is going on," he said.

"On the one hand, you might say this is one of the president's vocal ticks like we'll see what happens — but keeping them honest what if this is really what he believes? What if in what he's saying and how he's jumbling it up with domestic politics, the president is essentially indifferent to the rest, and does he really believe it doesn't matter?" Cooper said.

Watch the full clip below: