Barr has only one chance to stop release of Flynn's 'smoking gun' phone call transcripts: Ex-Watergate prosecutor
Attorney General nominee Bill Barr/MSNBC screen shot

During an AM Joy panel discussion on the bombshell revelations that former Donald Trump appointee Michael Flynn was reportedly in contact by phone with one of the president's attorneys while he was under investigation, a former Watergate prosecutor said Attorney General Bill Barr only has one way to stop the release of the transcripts.

Speaking with MSNBC host Joy Reid, Jill Wine-Banks said that Barr can't rein in the judge, but can make it difficult for the court order to be obeyed.

"This judge," Reid asked. "Can William Barr somehow stop that?"

"He cannot stop a judge from ordering it," former prosecutor Jill Wine-Banks stated, before adding, "Can he stop the production of it? Well, he is still the boss of Mueller and it is  Mueller that is being ordered to produce it"

"They obviously will have some problem doing it," she continued. " I think we have to move on because right now we're still talking about process and not the substance. So we're debating whether or not he can respond to subpoenas or stop them and, the Mueller report, when you read it and you get things like these transcripts, it is the smoking gun."

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