‘Bill Barr is an unusually bad liar’: MSNBC analyst says AG lied in large and small ways
Composite image of Nicolle Wallace interviewing John Heilemann on 'Deadline: White House (screengrab)

The NBC News national affairs correspondent explained why Attorney General Bill Barr is "an unusually bad liar" during a Wednesday interview with MSNBC's Nicolle Wallace.

"Some of us are still picking our jaws up off the floor from what we have witnessed. Let me reset the day's dramatic events for anyone just joining the coverage," Wallace said.

"Attorney General William Barr was on Capitol Hill all day testifying before the Republican-led Senate Judiciary Committee on the Mueller report," she explained. "That testimony commenced this morning. Just hours after explosive reporting broke in The Washington Post and The New York Times about a rift between special counsel Robert Mueller and Attorney General Barr over Mueller's concerns that the Attorney General had mischaracterized the special counsel's findings."

"That rift revealed in two never before reported letters written by Robert Mueller to William Barr," she explained, reading from the second letter.

NBC News national affairs analyst John Heilemann offered his thoughts.

"I will say I watched a lot of today and throughout the day I kept thinking about [former] Sen. Bob Kerrey (D-NE), who once said Bill Clinton was an unusually good liar," Heilemann said. "Bill Barr is an unusually bad liar."

"He lied a lot today and he lied in ways that were large and he lied in ways that were small," he explained.

"I think lie is the only right word," Heilemann added.