'Blizzard of lies': CNN's Avlon explains how Bill Barr misled America on Mueller's report
CNN's John Avlon discusses former special counsel Robert Mueller (Screen cap).

CNN's John Avlon on Thursday exposed the ways that Attorney General Bill Barr misled the American public about the contents of special counsel Robert Mueller's report on Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election.

During one of his "reality check" segments, Avlon said that Mueller's statement on Wednesday blew through the "blizzard of lies" that has swirled around his report ever since he turned it in to Attorney General Bill Barr two months ago.

Specifically, Avlon took Barr to task for claiming that the Department of Justice's policy against indicting a sitting president was not a factor in his decision to not charge President Donald Trump with obstruction of justice, while Mueller said during his statement that he was prevented from making charges based on the DOJ's policies.

"That appears to be fundamentally false," Avlon said as he played a clip of Mueller speaking at length about restrictions on indicting the president. "It certainly sounds like if he was anybody but the president, he would have been indicted."

He then said that it's clear from Mueller's statements that it's up to Congress to hold the president accountable for potentially committing crimes if the DOJ is prohibited from doing so.

"The Mueller investigation is over, it did not exonerate the president," said Avlon. "Attorney General Barr did misrepresent the reports conclusions and constraints."

Watch the video below.