Brooke Baldwin sits in stunned silence as CNN rolls images of recent school shootings
CNN host Brooke Baldwin [Photo: Screen shot from video]

On Wednesday, CNN host Brooke Baldwin opened up a segment on her show in silence. For over one minute Baldwin sat in silence as a screen behind her displayed images of school shootings.

"Those voices, those images are from Highlands Ranch, Colorado, where authorities are investigating a school shooting," Baldwin said after breaking her silence.

"One student was killed, eight others were injured. And it happened at the STEM school in Highlands Ranch. It is a public charter school. It is in a suburb. It is seven miles from Columbine high school," she said.

So far in 2019, there have been "15 school shootings in the US in which someone was hurt or killed," reported CNN. However, there have been doubled the shootings in the school year altogether.

"Again, what happened in Colorado marks the 35th school shooting in this country in this school year alone," Baldwin said.

Watch below via CNN: