CNN’s Anderson Cooper does hilarious impression to mock Rudy Giuliani as Trump’s ‘legal whoopee-cushion’
The many faces of Rudy Giuliani -- screencaps

Former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani has humiliated himself so many times on television it's any wonder Fox News allows him to continue to appear.

CNN's Anderson Cooper referred to Giuliani as President Donald Trump's "legal whoopee-cushion," during his final segment tonight called "The RidcuList."

Cooper thought that Giuliani was too busy playing Sherlock Holmes in Ukraine, or tweeting fake news videos, but now it seems the lawyer wants to be part of the Trump campaign.

"He says we’ll see where they have holes and need help. 'I’m available to do a lot of it,'" Cooper quoted Giuliani. "First off, I don’t doubt he is available. The market for his services screaming and saying stuff that isn’t true is limited and the president has most of that covered anyway but that’s not to say he couldn’t be an in-demand surrogate. Then citizen Trump had a long history of making charitable donations which we now know strains credulity but doing so anonymously."

Cooper then went on to do his own impression of Giuliani creating a conspiracy theory.

"The Moon, it’s made out of cheese!" Cooper said in a thick New York accent. "I’m talking 40 percent Romano, 60 percent cheddar and the Clintons have been covering it up since ‘87. Google it."

Cooper admitted it doesn't even sound like Giuliani but soldiered on anyway.

"I love that [Sean] Hannity was trying to clean it up in real time, just like the old Nancy Grace move: 'Cut his mic. Just cut his mic.' Nancy, I miss you," Cooper said. "Perhaps his most valuable quality is to just go back on television and claim he didn’t say anything. And it’s not limited to hush money. Rudy has range."

He ran a recent interview Giuliani did with CNN's Chris Cuomo where he tried to claim he never said there was "no collusion."

Watch the hilarity below: