Jake Tapper slams Fox News for defending a blatantly anti-Semitic and racist bigot
CNN's Jake Tapper (Photo: Screen capture)

While the conservative movement attempts to play the victims and claims it is being targeted by social media companies, it finds itself aligned with some of the most despicable voices on the far-right.

That’s what happened to Laura Ingraham on Fox News Thursday night as she attacked Facebook’s anti-hate speech policies.

“Facebook now, what do they monitor, ‘hate’?” she said. “That sounds good until you realize hate — these are some of the people they’ve shunned.” Among the “prominent voices” she complained that Facebook had censored was Paul Nehlen, a virulent anti-semite and white supremacist.

CNN’s Jake Tapper called out Fox for its defense of such a bigot:

The defense is particularly ironic, given the endless tirades on Fox News against Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) for comments she has made that people said echoed anti-Semitic tropes. Nehlen’s bigotry is far more blatant and outrageous than anything Omar has come close to saying, and yet for Ingraham, he’s just a “prominent” conservative voice being unfairly censored. Of course, the network’s defense of Nehlen and attacks on Omar — a Muslim refugee — fall in line with its broader support for an implicitly white nationalist agenda.