Colorado dad's heartbreaking Twitter feed chronicles what it's like to wait to see if your kid's been killed in a school shooting
Aftermath of Highlands Ridge shooting (Photo: Screen capture)

Father Steve Holley was one of hundreds of parents who was forced to face one of the most horrifying situations any can: his son was in a school shooting.

He sat inside of a gymnasium waiting for the school to bus deliver his son along with other students being dropped off at the nearby Northridge Recreation Center, 9News reported.

“There was a shooting at my son’s school today,” Holley wrote in a wrenching Twitter thread. “He’s safe, but … I’m sitting in a gym with hundreds of parents waiting to see their kids.”

This is the third time he's had to pick his children after a lockdown just this year. This has sadly become the reality not only children face, but parents too.

“My son didn’t cry at first,” Holley tweeted. “He just said there had been a shooting and there was glass everywhere. He started to cry after he said he saw a girl who had been shot being carried out. I asked if he was safe, told him I was on my way, and that I loved him.”

“My wife and I – and most everyone here --- are holding it together,” Holley said. “Once they call 6th grade I’ll probably lose it, then probably, no, I’ll absolutely lose it again when I see my son.”

At least one group of parents won't be that lucky tonight. Out of the 1800-student school, one was shot and killed. At least 8 students were harmed, according to the last report.

This is the 116th mass shooting of 2019.

You can read Holley's heartbreaking tweets below: