Congress arresting Bill Barr is the quickest move to get the Supreme Court to rein in Trump: Robert Reich
Robert Reich (Image credit: MSNBC)

On Thursday, public policy professor and former Clinton Secretary of Labor Robert Reich explained on MSNBC's "The Beat" why Congress should move to arrest Attorney General William Barr if he continues stonewalling the investigation and dodging subpoenas.

"This is a realistic threat, but let me say why this is an important threat," said Reich. "Otherwise the Trump Administration can just run out the clock."

"In other words, Congress could decide, the House could decide, to hold the witness in contempt, which is criminal. And then it would just languish through the courts and because the Justice Department really runs the show, it could take another year and a half, and then the clock runs out," Reich continued. "The way to expedite this issue up to the Supreme Court, and not let the Trump Administration run the clock, is to actually act on the constitutional authority that the House has."

There is really no ambiguity about whether the House can arrest people in contempt, noted Reich.

"That constitutional authority [is] enshrined in a Supreme Court case called Jurney v. MacCracken, 1935," said Reich. "You go look back at it. It's clear that the House could actually do that ... you have to force the Trump Administration to get an injunction in court, and that would be expedited, I expect, up to the Supreme Court."

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