Cops rescue over 100 dogs from pro-Trump organizer's 'poop-filled' multi-million dollar house
A worker in a Hazmat suit rescues neglected dogs from a mansion co-owned by a California Trump supporter (Screen cap).

Police in Orange County, California this week rescued over 100 dogs from the mansion of a pro-Trump political organizer after being tipped off to potential animal cruelty.

The New York Post reports that when police arrived at the house owned by Ed and Jo Reitkopp, they discovered a "poop-filled" mansion with 136 neglected dogs inside.

"There was very little furniture inside of that residence, and there was dog excrement, urine all over, inside, on the floor," Sgt. Phil McMullen of the Orange Police Department told reporters. "It appeared to be unlivable. The smell was unbearable for me. I’m surprised how people can live in that situation."

Co-owner Jo Reitkoop runs a pro-Trump organization called Make California Great Again -- and her Twitter bio indicates that she's a believer in the QAnon conspiracy, as evidenced by her use of the hashtag for the QAnon slogan "Where Go One, We Go All."

Reitkoop and her husband were hit with a misdemeanor charge for animal cruelty, although officials tell local news station ABC 7 that those could be upgraded to felony charges.

According to ABC 7, police have not yet determined "whether the owners were running a puppy mill from inside the home."

Watch ABC 7's report on the rescued dogs below.