As President Donald Trump prepared to rally his Florida Panhandle base, Vanity Fair published an expose on his re-election campaign's anemic fundraising.

"According to sources, Trump campaign officials are sounding the alarm over the president’s early fund-raising hauls," Vanity Fair reported. "Trump’s son Don Jr. has privately warned donors that Trump only raised around $30 million in the last quarter, and pointed out that the number fell far short of the roughly $45 million Barack Obama raised in the second quarter of 2011 for his 2012 re-election bid, according to a source briefed on the conversations."

The magazine noted a source close to Trump's eldest son disputed the account.

"They need more money, and there’s no enthusiasm," a Trump donor told Vanity Fair.

"Sources say the anemic fund-raising is being driven by several factors. The biggest is Trump himself. Trump’s shambolic governing style and endless tweeting are exhausting donors," reporter Gabriel Sherman explained. "Another problem is the dysfunction in Trump’s donor-outreach effort."

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