Ex-Asst. US Attorney rips apart Trump lawyer Dowd phone transcript to make the case for witness tampering by dangling a pardon
Donald Trump and Mike Flynn (cnn.com)

In a series of tweets, Los Angeles litigator Ken White -- who previously served as an assistant U.S. Attorney -- broke down the transcript of the phone call President Donald Trump's lawyer, John Dowd, made to an attorney representing former Trump adviser Michael Flynn, and made the case that it was witness tampering.

According to White, who tweets under the name "FreedomGashat" at the moment, Dowd dishonored himself and his profession with the call.

"Take note, for a moment, of the dishonor reflected in this voicemail. First, he's tried before and failed. 'I understand your situation, but let me see if I can't state it in starker terms.' He has already tried to persuade Flynn to (at a minimum) spill info," he wrote. "Next, he knows Flynn is cooperating. Saying he understands Flynn is getting a deal, and therefore can't have a joint defense, shows that knowledge. He also knows, because he's very experienced, that spilling info to Trump's team would be very , very bad for Flynn."

According to White, "So Flynn will have two choices: lie (in a case in which he is charged with lying), or admit he fed information about what he said during cooperation to a subject of the investigation."

Summing up some of other phrasing from the transcript, he bluntly stated: "there’s what a jury would almost certainly understand to be an offer of pardon in exchange for his help."

You can see the tweets below: