Ex-CIA director John Brennan says Mueller left 'no doubt' that Congress should investigate Trump's obstruction
MSNBC senior national security and intelligence analyst John Brennan.

Former CIA director John Brennan said special counsel Robert Mueller made his message loud and clear -- and called on Congress to take up action against the president.

Mueller stated that his office did not consider charging President Donald Trump because they did not have the authority to do so, but he also said that he would have clearly stated the president had been cleared of criminal wrongdoing if that's what the evidence showed.

"I think Bob Mueller's public statement today is going to give momentum to those who want to move forward with impeachment hearings," Brennan said. "I think there can be no doubt about Mr. Mueller's message that the obstruction of justice issue is not resolved, and that there needs to be follow-up action on it."

"So I do think it's going to give some additional momentum to them, whether or not they're going to decide to do it," Brennan added, "it's not just a legal issue, it's a political issue and obviously there are political considerations. I think the cry for impeachment is going to increase, and it's going to be interesting to see how the White House and Mr. Trump reacts to a very clear, and I believe, very pointed statement by Bob Mueller."