Ex-Trump staffer shreds Bill Barr -- and compares his Mueller report 'spin campaign' to 'jury tampering'
Former Trump transition staffer J.W. Verret (Screen cap).

J.W. Verret, a former member of President Donald Trump's transition team, told CNN's Jim Sciutto on Friday that Attorney General Bill Barr had been caught red-handed spinning special counsel Robert Mueller's report on Russian interference in the 2016 election -- and he thinks the attorney general's powers to shield Trump from damaging revelations are quickly eroding.

Appearing on CNN, Verret said that one reason more Republicans haven't spoken out about their objections to Trump's behavior is that Barr effectively managed the release of the Mueller report to make it sound as beneficial to Trump as possible.

"I really think what the attorney general did with the initial summary was effectively a form of jury tampering where the prosecutor goes out, gives a press conference with misleading information," he said, before adding that it seemed the Mueller appeared to have been "hamstrung" and "frustrated" about it.

However, he predicted that the White House's ability to keep up this charade would soon fall apart.

"I think the president and attorney general's spin campaign about the Mueller report was initially successful," he said. "And I think that that success will fade over time with the repeated drum beat of public hearings... the first penny to flip here will be the House subpoenas for the president's financial records through Deutsche Bank. I don't think he can stop Deutsche Bank."

Watch the video below.