Fox News' Shep Smith: Mueller directly contradicted what we’ve heard from the White House
Fox News host Shep Smith. (Screenshot)

On Wednesday, Special Counsel Robert Mueller belied President Donald Trump's contention that his report exonerated him. In fact, he said that had they reached the conclusion that Trump was innocent of obstruction, they would have explicitly said so.

Still, the president maintains his innocence. Mueller also unequivocally stated that there was foreign interference in the 2016 U.S. election.

Fox News' Shepard Smith pointed out that Mueller’s comments were a complete rebuttal of the president's talking points.

"Four hours ago, the special counsel made his first public statement about the Russia investigation. In doing so, he directly contradicted what we've heard from the Trump White House," Smith said. "The special counsel stated clearly that his findings do not exonerate the president."