GOP's Mike Lee makes a preemptive attack on the LGBTQ Equality Act -- and it doesn't end well for him
Mike Lee speaks to NBC (screen grab)

On Friday, Sen. Mike Lee (R-UT) was scrutinized on Twitter over his reaction to the LGBTQ Equality Act.

The House of Representatives passed the bill, and it protects LGBTQ individuals from discrimination in housing, the workplace, and public accommodations.

Even though the bill passed in the House it still faces a battle in the Senate which is Republican controlled.

Lee tweeted that the bill was unnecessary and would aid in causing a greater divide in America. He said that the Equality Act is "counterproductive."

"Americans are becoming more tolerant every day, which is why the Equality Act is so counterproductive. It unnecessarily pits communities against each other and divides our nation when patience and understanding are so sorely needed," he tweeted.

Chris Geidner, Senior Advisor for Law & Policy at the Justice Collab railed against Lee's comments in a Twitter thread.

"Honestly, I’m glad he tweeted this because it’s good to see how ridiculous the 'I like gay people but do they actually want legal equality?' take looks in writing," Geidner said.