Intel Dem angrily accuses AG Barr of plan to throw US intelligence agencies under the bus to 'make Trump look good'
Rep. Jim Hines (D-CT) during an MSNBC interview. Image via screengrab.

Appearing on CNN with host Wolf Blitzer, a Connecticut Democrat who sits on the House Intelligence Committee blasted Attorney General William Barr for going along with Donald Trump's desire to investigate Justice Department officials and members of the intelligence committee for looking into Trump's campaign and administration.

Addressing Trump giving the go-ahead to open the investigation -- possibly exposing CIA agents and contacts in Russia and elsewhere -- Rep. Jim Himes (D-CT) was livid when discussing what Barr was agreeing to.

"It sort of doesn't matter what the president says, because the president could not be more wrong," Himes argued. "Not a single allegation that the president has made has been sustained in this area. Again, the Department of Justice Inspector General report says that the FBI was not motivated by politics."

"So facts are not in any way, shape, or form this president's friend," he continued. "But I do worry about the fact that somebody who has clearly identified themselves as on the president's team, that's Bill Barr, the Attorney General, will selectively pick and choose things that make the president look good and it will be done at the expense of our ability to gather secrets around the world that are important to keeping Americans safe."

You can watch below: