'It's just a matter of time': Ex-federal prosecutor says Barr will oust FBI chief for denying Trump was 'spied' on
Elliot Williams appears on CNN (screen grab)

Elliot Williams, a former federal prosecutor, asserted on Tuesday that FBI Director Christopher Wray will be fired by President Donald Trump or Attorney General Will Barr after he refused to say that the Trump campaign was a victim of government "spying."

At a Senate hearing, Wray told lawmakers that he would not use the word "spying" to describe surveillance of the Trump campaign even though Barr had used the term in recent testimony.

"Well, it’s just a matter of time before he’s out, too," Williams told CNN's Kate Bolduan. "Because it seems that individuals in the Justice Department at the highest levels who seem to state the facts and the law as they exist seem to not do well, as we saw with Jeff Sessions and on down, the White House counsel as well."

"I served under Christopher Wray when he was head of the criminal division of the DOJ," Williams revealed. "He has a reputation for being a balls-and-strikes prosecutor. Look, Attorney General Barr ought to have known what he was saying when he used the word spying. We've been through this before."

Watch the video below from CNN.