Jeanine Pirro claims the House of Representatives was ‘stolen’: Fox News anchor attacks Democrats for investigating Trump
Former Judge Jeanine Pirro on Fox News (screengrab)

Fox News personality Jeanine Pirro claimed the House of Representatives had been "stolen" during her opening statement on Saturday.

"They’ve stolen the House, the people’s House," Pirro claimed. "That hallowed chamber our forefathers created to represent the people as well as be closest to the people."

"They hijacked it to maintain power for themselves," she continued. "They don’t work for or represent you."

"These radicals who have forfeited their job representing you, continue to resist, create havoc and claim Constitutional crisis," she argued.

"Most important, start gearing up for 2020. We need a House of Representatives that represents the people in this great nation. The people who want to remake America and maintain their own power. God help us and God help us if we elect these same people and they stay in control of our country," she concluded.