Kellyanne Conway contradicts Trump -- and lashes out at Nancy Pelosi again: ‘She cannot control her temper!’
Kellyanne Conway appears on Fox News. (Screenshot)

White House senior adviser Kellyanne Conway on Wednesday said that President Donald Trump had embarrassed House Speaker Nancy Pelosi by scolding her last week for accusing him of a cover-up. She also contradicted the president, claiming that the White House was willing and able to work with Congress despite their investigations.

During an appearance on Fox and Friends, Conway was asked if the president would continue to push for an infrastructure bill and a border wall.

After Pelosi accused Trump of a cover-up last week, the president said that he would not work with Congress while congressional Democrats continue with their "phony investigations."

But Conway insisted Wednesday that the White House was “ready” to work with Congress.

“We can work with them on infrastructure, drug pricing, these bipartisan issues but the president’s point last week was an important one. I was in there. Nancy Pelosi was very embarrassed in front of her colleagues. She can say whatever she wants,” she said.

“He took the case to her, why an hour before coming here would you go in front of the microphones and say the president is engaged in a cover-up? He said I don’t do cover-ups, you know that. Why would you do that? Why couldn’t she walk by the microphones? Is anybody capable of that these days?” Conway continued.

"She made a different choice. She cannot control her temper about Donald Trump and cannot control her caucus," she claimed.

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