Landlord’s caught-on-tape bigotry costs $675,000: ‘Discrimination is expensive’
Katina Gatchis (screengrab)

After being caught on tape discriminating against Muslims, a Boulder, Colorado building owner is paying $675,000 to settle a lawsuit, WBTV reports.

The father and son co-owners of Curry & Kabob sought to expand their business into a nearby location that was for rent.

“It’s my community, it’s my neighborhood,” said Rashad Khan, co-owner of Curry & Kabob. “I have friends who live there. I lived down there since 2008.”

The lease-holder approached the owner, Katina Gatchis, about subleasing the space. The conversation was recorded.

"American person, American person I need. Good American person like you and me," Katina said.

"These kind, type, they are very dangerous, extremely dangerous," she added.

Khan was offended by the conversation.

"It was shocking,” Khan said. “I... it just didn't feel real."

“You just can’t get away with it,” he added.

His lawyer agrees.

"Discrimination is expensive," explained attorney Siddartha Rathod. "We will hold you accountable."