Lindsey Graham scorched by ex-prosecutor for making Justice Department officials fear for their jobs if investigate Trump
Sen. Lindsey Graham (MSNBC)

During a panel discussion on MSNBC's "AM Joy' former prosecutor Glenn Kirschner excoriated Sen. Lindsey Grahm (SC) for saying he is going after Juste Department officials who have been investigating Donald Trump --saying the Republican senator is making it impossible for them to their jobs because they fear political retribution.

Speaking with the host after a discussion on Trump demanding the Justice Department prosecute former Secretary of State John Kerry for violating the Logan Act, Kirschner lit into Graham.

"Lindsey Graham is now basically leading the 'lock her up' chant," the ex-prosecutor began. "And he's including lock-up Obama-era DOJ. officials who initiated this investigation into how Russia was trying to interfere in our election."

"The chilling effect that that might have going forward -- think about it!' he exclaimed. "If I am a DOJ employee an FBI agent or a prosecutor and I am told listen it looks like, for example, North Korea is trying to cyber attack our country and interfere with our upcoming elections and you catch that assignment, are you going to have in the back of your head if you do it -- if I do this i might be attacked by a future administration for doing the wrong thing and not the right thing to protect the country?"

"Lindsey Graham, I think going after these people, it is dangerous, and a perversion of what the Department of Justice is about," he concluded.

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