Marjorie Stoneman teacher burns down NRA's Dana Loesch for wanting to arm Florida teachers: 'She only wants to sell more guns'
Dana Loesch talks about ghost guns/Screenshot

Marjorie Stoneman teacher, Greg Pittman, railed against NRA's Dana Loesch for suggesting that school shootings be combatted by arming teachers with guns.

"An overwhelming majority of my students and teachers completely disagree with this decision by the state legislature and by the governor to increase guns in the classroom," Pittman told MSNBC's Chris Matthews.

Matthews then asked what the situation would be like if teachers were armed with guns.

"What happens if you say go to the vice principal and check in, I’m suspending you for three days. Something that bothers the kid. You have a gun. What is that situation like. You are armed and telling the kid I have authority over you," he said.

"There are many bad outcomes that can come of this and few positive outcomes. One other thing, the reason we are in schools is for students to learn. The number one thing students have said they would be worried about is where would the gun be?" Pittman responded.

Matthews, then played a clip of the NRA's Loesch blaming a permissive culture and the kids for the shootings. Pittman, then said the NRA only wants to sell more guns, and that they are not concerned with the safety of the students.

"This is to sell more guns and has nothing do with safety. Would you want a person with only 144 hours of training to be the one carrying a gun when we had a deputy officer with the sheriff's department with 33 years of experience and he was unable to use his gun being properly trained?" he said.

Watch below via MSNBC: