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Meghan McCain scowls after she’s fact-checked for telling Pete Buttigieg how to reach black voters



Meghan McCain offered some advice to Pete Buttigieg for reaching black voters, and she scowled when her “View” co-hosts pointed out he’d already done what she suggested.

The South Bend, Indiana, mayor took part Sunday evening in a town hall on Fox News, and McCain said she appreciated that Buttigieg said some viewers tune in to the conservative network in good faith, and not just because they like hearing racist statements in prime time.

“I’m probably that good faith Fox viewer there, some policies put into place there are too left for me,” McCain said. “But he came off very comfortable in a town hall setting, I guess that’s the mayoral side of him. He was very open to conservatives and Republicans in the country, and independent voters. He did get a standing ovation.”

She agreed with co-host Joy Behar that his appearance made Sens. Elizabeth Warren and Kamala Harris “look ridiculous,” but she said the town hall audience highlighted a major problem for Buttigieg’s campaign so far.

“It was a very old, very white audience,” she said. “He’s poling 1 percent and 0 percent among South Carolina black voters. He has a serious problem with minority voters. If I were him, your next stop should be South Carolina, someplace you’re talking to voters — 0 percent is staggering for him. It will ultimately become a problem for him. Now that he has this defeated he needs to start focusing that.”

Co-host Sunny Hostin pointed out that Buttigieg has campaigned in South Carolina, and he has met with the Rev. Al Sharpton.


“This is something he’s already done,” Hostin said. “There aren’t a whole bunch of, as far as I know, black folks watching Fox News on the regular.”

Host Whoopi Goldberg stopped her right there, as McCain scowled.

“It would not your lips off if you knew how many,” Goldberg said.

Goldberg pointed out that black voters are more diverse than they’re generally given credit, and McCain responded with some poll numbers.


“For what it’s worth, 47 percent of black women have (Joe) Biden of their top choice, 47 percent of black men support Biden,” McCain said.

Goldberg agreed those numbers were accurate, but she said Biden is thought of as someone who could clean up the mess left by “the guy in the White House.”

“You have never said his name,” Behar pointed out.

Goldberg said she had said the president’s name once on the air, but wouldn’t again.


“I said it once, and I was sick as a dog after,” she said. “I had to take pills.”

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Mueller agrees to testify in public about Russia investigation after House Democrats issue subpoena: report



On Tuesday evening, CNN reported that former special counsel Robert Mueller has agreed to testify in public about the Russia investigation, following subpoenas from House Democrats.

"The House Intelligence Committee and the House Judiciary Committee announced ... the special counsel has agreed to appear in public on July 17th in an open session to testify about what he found as a part of his two-year investigation into Russian interference, as well as potential obstruction of justice in the White House," said CNN reported Manu Raju. "Now, they say in this letter, both the chairmen of these committees, Jerry Nadler and Adam Schiff, that they have subpoenaed Bob Mueller and he's agreed to testify under subpoena."

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‘Quit trying to make Jared happen’: Ivanka ripped for praising her husband’s DOA peace plan for the Middle East



First daughter and senior White House advisor Ivanka Trump was mercilessly ridiculed on Tuesday after praising the so-called "peace plan" for the Middle East created by her husband, Jared Kushner.

The couple, known as Javanka, have been highly criticized for having had no government experience prior to joining the administration and needing presidential intervention after being unable to obtain security clearances.

Ivanka tweeted a quote from her husband at the "Peace to Prosperity workshop today in Bahrain" and urged her Twitter followers to watch his full speech.

Kushner's plan was rejected by the Palestinians before even being released.

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Fox News’ Tucker Carlson attacks rape survivors for not reporting their rapes promptly enough



On Tuesday night, Fox News host Tucker Carlson laid into advice columnist E. Jean Carroll, who made national news by alleging President Donald Trump forced himself on her in a department store in the 90s.

According to Carlson and his guest, The Diversity Delusion author Heather MacDonald, if her allegation is true, then Carroll herself is a danger to the public, for having not filed a police report.

"I can't get past a simple fact," said Carlson. "Since rape is a real thing, it is an act of violence, and there's actually quite a bit of it in the United States — some of it is downplayed by the way as you well know — I can't get over the fact that people accuse rape 25 years or 20 years after the fact. If you are raped, which is a felony, don't you have an obligation to the rest of our society to put that person behind bars, to protect the rest of your neighbors? Don't you?"

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