Mother of biracial kid gasps in horror after bus driver says he's not racist because 'my dog is as black as can be'
Alisyn Camerota speaks with Brenda Mayes (CNN/screen grab)

The mother of a biracial student said on Monday that a bus driver who dragged her child did it because he is racist.

Utah mom Brenda Mayes told CNN that she is suing bus driver John Naisbitt after video showed him closing the door on a student's backpack and dragging the child approximately 150 feet. Mayes' lawsuit also names the Davis School District and transportation director Dave Roberts.

During the CNN interview, host Alisyn Camerota noted that Naisbitt "has an interesting way" of denying that he's a racist.

"Would you say that you're a racist?" a local news reporter asked the bus driver last week.

"Not at all," Naisbitt insisted. "No, look at my dog. He's as black as can be."

Mayes reacted in horror upon seeing the bus driver's response.

"I -- I don't even know what to say to that," Mayes told Camerota with a gasp.

Watch Mayes' entire interview with CNN below.