NC GOP moves to slash budget of new black chief justice to punish her for gerrymandering pushback: report
Cheri Beasley (NC Supreme Court)

North Carolina's first black woman to become supreme court justice has come under fire by Republicans because she is expected to strike down gerrymandered districts in the state by 2020.

On Wednesday, Justice Cheri Beasley's office revealed that Republicans have moved to drastically cut her funding.

"With these cuts to our staff, the chief justice would be the only appellate judge in the state with a single law clerk," Chief of Staff Anna Stearns explained to WUNC. "It would severely limit the work she can do to modernize our courts and bring about desperately needed reforms."

WUNC reporter Jeff Tiberii revealed on Twitter that half of the existing staff would be cut under the Republican plan.

Stephen Miller, a writer for DailyKos, argued that Republicans in the Legislature are punishing Beasley for her expected decision overturning gerrymandered districts.