'Patience is wearing thin': Vulnerable GOP senators are finally getting fed up with Trump's trade war
President Donald Trump/Screenshot

President Donald Trump's trade war shows no signs of ending anytime soon -- and now Republican senators from farm states are finally getting fed up, reports CNN's Dana Bash.

While talking with CNN host Jim Sciutto on Tuesday, Bash said that Republicans have for months said they'd given the president "space" to conduct negotiations with China, but their tolerance for drawn-out negotiations that leave American farmers hurting is limited.

"Patience is... wearing thin," she said. "I heard that this morning doing some reporting on this."

She went on to explain that while many red-state voters like the idea of confronting China's trade practices, they don't want to completely lose access to the Chinese market for years on end.

"The ag-producing states, the farmers, they have been hurting for a while with regard to this trade war," she said. "And they really want to see a solution... it has been potentially temporary when it comes to their hurt, but now they're worried -- and I'm hearing this from people who represent farmers and also from, you know, even heard it from people when I was out in those areas, covering some elections. they need to make sure that this isn't a permanent situation."

Watch the video below.