Prominent Fox News priest asks Pope Francis if he can stop being celibate

A prominent Catholic priest who advised Mel Gibson’s movie, “The Passion of the Christ," has decided to leave the priesthood to start a family, reports Crux Now, a publication about issues affecting the church.

“After taking some months of sabbatical to be with family and to dedicate more time to prayer and retreat, I have decided to ask the Holy Father, Pope Francis, to release me from the duties and responsibilities of the clerical state,” Father Jonathan Morris said in a statement he made available to Crux.

Morris made regular appearances on cable, primarily Fox News. He claimed that his decision was not meant to accommodate an already existing relationship.

“I will always be in the pews ready to support you, because my faith in God and love for my Church is stronger than ever,” Morris concluded. “I look forward to serving in new ways alongside of you.”