Rep. Gregory Meeks says Kim Jong-un is 'playing' Trump: 'The real low IQ person is the president'
Rep. Gregory Meeks (D-NY) -- MSNBC screenshot

Rep. Gregory Meeks (D-NY) on Monday reacted to President Donald Trump's remarks in Japan that he is not "personally bothered" by North Korean missile tests.

Meeks told CNN's Brooke Baldwin that there was likely nothing Kim Jong-un could do that would make Trump disavow the two leaders' relationship.

"I think Kim is playing the president," Meeks said. "He played him in the first summit. He played him at the second summit. So Kim realizes that the real low IQ person is the president and he can continue to play games with him all along until Kim gets what he wants. In fact, Kim has already gotten what he wants. The world stage."

Over the weekend, White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders said that Trump was in "agreement" with Kim about former Vice President Joe Biden's "low IQ."

Watch Meeks' entire interview below from CNN.