Roger Stone destroyed by conservative for fleecing Trump fans to maintain his lavish lifestyle
Roger Stone (Screen cap).

Writing at the conservative Bulwark, columnist Andrew Egger exposed former Donald Trump confidante Roger Stone as a grifting fraud who is shaking down fans of the president by pleading poor as he lives the good life in Florida.

Getting right to the point, Egger notes that Stone hasn't been having a great year as he faces criminal charges and is in danger of "joining a former partner in crime Paul Manafort behind bars on charges of making false statements and witness tampering later this year."

According to the columnist, Stone is now using his wife as a cut-out to beg for help with his legal fees in an email with a subject line reading: "I am embarrassed to write this.”

The email then states, "My husband and I have an urgent new problem and we need your help. I told my husband I was going to write you, one of his most valued supporters. I am embarrassed to write this, but I must,” before adding that they have been forced to "[pull] in our belts’ like so many Americans in "tight times."

“We are not asking for a donation—but an ADVANCE, repaid by our pledge to do our best to contribute a like amount to what you give to a charitable organization when this is all over," he continued. "We should only need help in the seven months before my husband’s trial when I know in my heart he will be exonerated and we can get back on our feet.”

Eggers then called out the couple by pointing out where the money goes -- and it is not toward legal fees.

"The Stone Family Support Fund, by contrast, is purportedly set up 'to help pay for our rent, food, medical expenses, insurance, gasoline, and the most basic of living expenses,'" Eggers points out, before sarcastically adding, about a request for as much as $1,000, "They do after all have a certain standard of living to maintain."

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