Royal family working out how to snub Trump while making him believe he received the 'deluxe package' during visit: report
Queen Elizabeth II, Foreign & Commonwealth Office photo

The Queen of England likely had to lecture her grandchildren to be nice to President Donald Trump during his upcoming state visit, a royal watcher explained to The Daily Beast.

The visit comes at a tumultuous time in the United Kingdom, with Parliament poised to choose a new prime minister after the collapse of Theresa May's government -- while the country barrels towards Brexit.

Meghan Markle, who has called Trump "divisive" and "misogynistic," will avoid Trump entirely during his visit.

The politics are more complicated for the members of the royal family who are not on maternity leave.

Robert Lacey, the historical consultant for Netflix's "The Crown," explained the likely planning from Queen Elizabeth II.

"I would imagine that the Queen has spoken to William and Harry to emphasize the importance of overcoming their personal feelings when it comes to receiving the types of figures that other democracies throw up," Lacey said.

"This is part of their long term destiny, and right wing electorates around the world probably will be producing more and more of these populist leaders in the years to come," he continued. “How well and how gracefully an urbane and dignified royal family can meet such leaders is going to be an important test for the new generation."

“Elizabeth II has had to smile and be gracious to some real villains. Meeting Donald Trump is very different to meeting the Idi Amins and Robert Mugabes of this world, and I suspect the Queen will be quietly reminding William and Harry that Donald Trump is an elected head of state—from a very old and loyal ally in two world wars, not to mention the Cold War—and that their duty is to rise above whatever personal feelings they may have," Lacey continued.

"This is one of the arts the royals are masters of, and there is said by sources to be a 'confidence' inside the walls of Buckingham Palace that, whatever his domestic troubles or the contempt in which millions of Britons may hold him, the president and first lady—and his four adult children who are reportedly all coming along for the ride too—will leave British shores satisfied in the knowledge that they have had the deluxe package," The Beast reported. "This visit is all about making Donald Trump feel amazing."