Scathing Washington Post editorial rips Mueller for not speaking up sooner
Robert Mueller in the Oval Office on July 20, 2012. (Photo by Pete Souza.)

On Wednesday, the editorial board at The Washington Post called Robert Mueller to testify before Congress. Mueller broke nearly two years of silence when he spoke at a news conference about the findings of his report on Wednesday.

Mueller noted that every American should be concerned about Russian interference into US elections and essentially gave Democrats a node to follow through with impeachment investigations. He also contradicted Attorney General Bill Barr about why he did not indicate the president.

However, the editorial board explained that Mueller spoke to late. They noted that there is a ton of confusion surrounding the report that could have been avoided if he broke his silence sooner.

"Mr. Mueller could have avoided much confusion and short-circuited the administration's attempt to manipulate public opinion if he had made his statement weeks ago, in conjunction with the release of a lightly redacted version of his report," the editorial board wrote.

Adding, "That may be a principled decision, but Mr. Mueller should not resist appearing before Congress, even if it is to explain why he will not answer certain questions."

Read the full editorial here.