Bill Barr has gone to 'impeachable lengths' for Trump -- and now he's a target: MSNBC's John Heilemann
William Barr at his Senate confirmation hearing. (Screenshot/YouTube)

The burden to impeach an attorney general is significantly lower than that of a president, MSNBC commentator John Heilemann told Nicolle Wallace Wednesday. It's possible that's in Barr's future.

Fox News and the president's allies have spent the day trying to spin what Mueller said as confirmation that President Donald Trump did nothing wrong. What Mueller said, however, is far from it.

What hasn't been going well on Fox News is the GOP's opinion of Barr. Fox has trashed him and even former Gov. Chris Christie (R-NJ) called out Barr on ABC just after the Mueller press conference.

Heilemann joked that he can feel the ground grumbling already under Trump.

The panel anticipated that Americans would hear from Trump either this evening or tomorrow when he finally unleashes on Twitter.

Wallace said that Trump loves it when people do his bidding, but if they falter in the public eye at the same time, he hates it.

"I think that Barr — the president hasn’t lost Fox News, because tonight, one way or the other, Sean Hannity, and the others will figure out a way to rally around Trump," Heilemann said. "The smart conservatives — Andrew McCarthy was on today on Fox News, the smarter legal analysts who have sometimes defended him, sometimes criticized. The person who lost Fox News is Bill Barr. And that I think is for Barr’s standing with Trump — despite the fact that Barr has obviously gone to extraordinary lengths I would say potentially to impeachable lengths as the attorney general to lie about the report, do everything he’s done. We know that Trump, the most loyal defenders, those who have thrown their bodies on the train tracks for Trump, as soon as they get bad press, they’re on shaky ground."

Heilemann said that if he was Barr, he'd be watching Fox News and the conservative legal analysts to see who is turning against him.

"He’s a big target right now and it may be hard for Nancy Pelosi, and others in the Democratic House, to want to impeach Donald Trump on the Politics on it. Not as hard to try to impeach Bill Barr," he concluded.

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